The Five Lands (Cinque Terre)

Trip to the Five Lands (Cinque Terre) in Italy, with excursions to Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Hike on the Love Trail between Manarola and Riomaggiore (via dell'Amore). Trekking on the trails connecting the Five Lands and between the vineyards.

Monterosso, Five Lands

Monterosso is the first of the Five Lands for who comes from north or west. In the picture, the beach in front of the railway station.

San Giovanni Battista - Monterosso
San Giovanni Battista - Monterosso

The San Giovanni Battista church in Monterosso, built in year 1300.

Santa Croce oratory - Monterosso
The Santa Croce oratory in Monterosso.
Monterosso - Five Lands
Monterosso downtown.
Vernazza - Five Lands Vernazza - Five Lands

Vernazza is just five minutes by train from Monterosso, or several hours by mountain trekking. In the pictures, the small dock with "Santa Margherita di Antiochia" church, and a view from the top.

Vernazza - Five Lands

Vineyards growing in terraces over the mountains behind Vernazza.

A rocky barrier used to protect the dock in Vernazza.
A Five Lands dock
As the spaces are very limited due to the mountains entering directly into the sea, the boats are stored below the homes on the dock.
Vernazza - Five Lands Vernazza - Five Lands
Vernazza - Five Lands

There are no roads in Vernazza, but only very narrow streets and steep stairs.
Stairs to Corniglia - Five Lands
The Five Lands tour continues to the next Land of Corniglia. Here, the 380 stairs needed to get to Corniglia from the railway station.
Cliffs at the Five Lands Cliffs at the Five Lands
Cliffs entering the sea, showing the typical vegetation of the area.
Cliffs at the Five Lands Manarola seen from Corniglia
Liguria - Italy

Views from Corniglia.
Corniglia - Five LandsHiking in Corniglia downtown.
Corniglia - Five Lands
Corniglia - Five Lands
Manarola - Five Lands Manarola - Five Lands
Manarola - Five Lands

Traveling from west to east, the next Land is Manarola. It is a charming town built over a rocky hill on the sea, where every available space is used for homes and small gardens.

Manarola - trails between the vineyards Five Lands vineyard

The Five Lands are also known because of the excellent wine produced there. Because of the mountains, the vineyards can grow only inside terraces, contained into walls made of stones. The total lenght of the walls of the Five Lands terraces, is longer than the China's Great Wall.

Five Lands wine Five Lands terraces
San Lorenzo church in Manarola - Five Lands
The San Lorenzo church in Manarola is in gothic style and was built in year 1338.
San Lorenzo church in Manarola - Five Lands
San Lorenzo church in Manarola - Five Lands
CliffsThe Love Trail (via dell'Amore) connects Manarola to Riomaggiore in less than a mile.
Love Trail
Love Trail - Italy
Cliff on the sea
Riomaggiore - Five Lands

Riomaggiore is the last, and the east most, of the Five Lands.

Riomaggiore - Five Lands
Riomaggiore - Five Lands
The tiny dock and the colorful houses of Riomaggiore.
Riomaggiore - Five Lands


The nearest airports are Genova, about 50-60 miles either way. Driving there is really not advised, as the roads are very narrow, winding and often not actually linking the downtown of each land. Getting there by train is much more better. The Five Lands are along the Genova - La Spezia railway, about one hour from Genova and five minutes from La Spezia. There are also many daily direct links with Pisa. If you like hiking and moderate trekking, the Five Lands are connected between them by mountain trails taking from a few hours to full day. Please check here if you would like a taxi from Genoa airport to Five Lands.

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