Como - city and lake

Excursion in the city of Como in northern Italy, visitng the downtown, the lake, the town of Brunate (reached by cable car) and several trails on the mountains around the city, where there are spectacular sights over the beautiful landscape all around.

Cable car from Como to Brunate

The cable car connecting Como to the town of Brunate, climbing several hundreds meters to reach the destination.

A nice panorama onto Como lake, taken from one of the many trails connecting Brunate to several lookout points.

The nice nature on the mountains around Como.
Panorama around lake Como
A panoramic picture taken after a long hike from Brunate to the top of a mountain, showing the lake. On a clear day, the Alps and Mt. Cervino are very well visible.
At the end of the hike, instead of going back to Como by cable car, we decided to walk all the way down.
The city of Como

The trail is quite steep, but the views onto the lake and the city are very beautiful.
Como cathedral (Duomo)

Como's main cathedral.


Como downtown
Como downtown

A nice hike in Como's downtown.

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