Lucca (Tuscany)

A picturesque city in Tuscany, enclosed by 4,5km of ancient walls and lush gardens, allowing the access to the downtown having many narrow streets, old stone houses and lots of churches built with white marble.

The ancient city wall and gate

On the left: an access gate through the external city's wall. On the right: part of the city's wall. The wall is wide enough to hike or bike all the way over it.

Gardens around Lucca
The lush gardens around Lucca's downtown.
Hiking on the top of the walls.
St. Frediano church in Lucca

A view over St. Frediano church, having one of the most beautiful Romanic style of the Tuscany.

Lucca's main cathedral, dedicated to St. Martino, and the beautiful front made of white marble.

A cathedral in Lucca

Another church in the heart of Lucca's downtown, made again in white marble.

Garden on top of Guinigi tower

A garden growing on the top of Guinigi tower.

Views onto Lucca downtown.
Two churches.
A water channel crossing the downtown and a view on the homes.
Amphitheater square in Lucca

The "Anfiteatro" square is oval shaped and was built over the foundation of an ancient roman amphitheatre of the second century.

Hiking in Lucca
Hiking in Lucca.

More hiking and sightseeing in Lucca.

A view onto an ancient palace.

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