The medieval castles around Piacenza

Day trip to the beautiful medieval towns around Piacenza, with their castles full of history, between green hills and valleys in northen Italy.

Castle of Vigoleno in northen Italy

The trip starts from Vigoleno in "d'Arda" valley, a very nice and picturesque town surrounded by ancient walls and a castle.

The walls outside the castle and the town's main entrance.


The entrance to the town

Relaxing hikes between the narrow streets in Vigoleno.
Vigoleno main square in northen Italy

Vigoleno's main square, with a fountain and a church.

San Giorgio church, Italy

The beautiful and very well preserved "San Giorgio" church, built during the XII century.

A visit to the small, but very interesting, Vigoleno's museum, actually an armory where old pictures are also stored.

Wall and tower

From the museum, it is possible to climb on the top of a tower, for a beautiful panoramic view.



Views onto Vigoleno, from the top of the tower.


The belltower and the fountain seen from the top of the tower. Further information about Vigoleno can be found HERE.

The day continues with a visit to Castell'Arquato where this trail brings in the town's main square.

Castel d'Arquato
Castell'Arquato's main square with views onto the cathedral and the fortress.

Walking between the charming town's streets.

Other views onto Castell'Arquato. For additional information about this town, see HERE.

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