Traveling through Valmarecchia

Trips and excursions by car during a weekend near Rimini and Pesaro Urbino, between several ancient medieval-rinascimental towns built on hill tops, old residence of Signoria dei Malatesta. Useful links:

San Marino

Driving from Rimini towards the hills in the hinterland. Left picture: a view on San Marino.


The small and picturesque town of Montebello, near Torriana di Rimini. It was built on a beautiful hilltop, overlooking the Valmarecchia valley. It is one of the best preserved town belonged to Signoria dei Malatesta.


Nice views into Valmarecchia valley, from the town of Montebello.

San Leo, the cathedral San Leo (Pesaro Urbino)
We drive towards San Leo, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, where we arrive on late evening. In the pictures the church of Pieve, the cathedral of San Leone and the cathedral's tower, examples of Romanic style.
San eo, the fortress

The huge fortress looking into San Leo and the entire Valmarecchia valley.

Narrow strees in San Leo.

San Leo, the central square

San Leo: the central Dante square and the main gate.

I Malardot

We have our wonderful dinner with typical dishes and sleep at "I Malardot" in Torriana di Rimini.

The next morning our trip continues to the town of Verucchio.


Verucchio is a very ancient city rich in history from different periods.

Verucchio, the fortress

The path going to Malatesta fortress, one of the biggest and best preserved fortress in Valmarecchia valley.


Margot, a very young Pincher
Our loved Margot.

Views on the belltower of Collegiate church, in the center of Verucchio.

Malatesta fortress
Other views on Malatestiana fortress.
Santarcangelo di Romagna

Finally, we visit Santarcangelo di Romagna.

Campanone Belltower, near Rimini
The "Campanone" belltower, one of the Santarcangelo's symbol.

The fortress overlooking Santarcangelo di Romagna.

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