Trip to Senigallia, a small and nice city near Ancona (Marche), known for the beautiful beach made of soft white sand, 13 kilometers long. The city can be easily reached by train from Ancona or Bologna, by car or by airplane.

Rocca Roveresca in Senigallia

The majestic "Rocca Roveresca", just in front of the railway station in Senigallia.

Foro Annonario in Senigallia

The "Foro Annonario" with the beautiful Doric style colonnade, where the picturesque fish market is held every morning.

Roma square.
Senigallia downtown
The heart of Senigallia's downtown, with the typical narrow streets.
Misa river in Senigallia

Other views on the city of Senigallia and the Misa river crossing the downtown.

A beach in Senigallia

The wide and long beach made of very soft white sand, brings here many tourists throughout the summer (the picture was taken in March, when the beach is still wonderful for long hikes without the crowds). Many hotels, from high standards to small bed & breakfast, are available along the shores, within walking distance from the beach.

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