Pavia and Vigevano

Vigevano is known to have one of the most beautiful central square in Italy, surrounded by magnificent arcades, a cathedral with its typical curved face and a beautiful castle in Renaissance style. Pavia is built along the Ticino river and has one of the oldest university in Italy. Hiking along the Ticino River.

Ducale square in Vigevano Vigevano cathedral

A view onto "Ducale" square in Vigevano's downtown and a view on the cathedral, having the front face curved.

Ducale square in Vigevano

Other views on Ducale square, with the arcades and the tower. This square in Vigevano is considered by many the most beautiful square in Italy.

The nice gutters ending into Ducale square.

Castle in Vigevano Castle in Vigevano
Castle in Vigevano Vigevano, Sforzesco castle
A beautiful castle near Ducale square in Vigevano downtown, made in Renaissance style.
Vigevano, Ducale square Vigevano, Ducale square
Vigevano, Ducale square Vigevano, Ducale square
Additional pictures of Ducale square in Vigevano, taken during a subsequent trip.
Vigevano Vigevano, Italy
Ticino river Ticino river
Ticino river

The Ticino river, near Vigevano, has long trails for hiking and large picnic areas.
Pavia, Visconteo castle Pavia, Visconteo castle
Pavia, Visconteo castle Pavia, Visconteo castle

Pavia: the Visconteo castle and the civic museum. It was built in just 5 years between 1360 and 1365. The castle is surronded by a beautiful garden.

Duomo of Pavia Duomo of Pavia

Duomo of Pavia (cathedral). It was built from year 1488 over two romanic churches, the project was signed also by Leonardo da Vinci.

Pavia, Ponte Coperto Pavia, ponte Vecchio
Pavia: the Coperto bridge, also said Old Bridge (Ponte Vecchio) along the Ticino river.
San Michele, Pavia
San Michele, Pavia

Pavia: the church of St. Michael (San Michele) is very old, built between years 1118 and 1130.

San Michele, Pavia
Views on a side of St. Michael cathedral and a door.
Pavia, Piazza della Vittoria

"Piazza della Vittoria" (Victory Square) in the hearth of Pavia, is about 700 years old.

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